Artists’ Use of Social Media to Build Community

For approximately six months I lived and breathed the topic that was to become my dissertation. Thirteen thousand (plus) words later it earned me my master’s degree. Then it sat on my computer, collecting virtual dust, and I realized all my work wasn’t doing anyone any good sitting on a computer drive and floating around in my brain, but it might just do some good if I put it out there and let it grow.

Now, as I live part of this work every day I’ve come to know that there is a lot more that could be said and reading back through it there is a lot more that could have been said better. I’m still researching and learning and slowly starting to pull together a v2 (which will hopefully maybe be kickstarted by me doing some weird research-y variant of #nanowrimo*)  But in the mean time, here’s v1, so it’s out there, reminding me to write something better.

The original can be downloaded/read/shared here: Artists’ Use of Social Media to Build Community


* I also may decide to work on my fiction novel(la?) I’m working on, or just do a nablopomo and innundate you with blog posts. We’ll see what happens! In other words, I’m going to try to write!

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