Time to Adjust

like flying, adjusting takes time. [Greenland as seen on my flight back from Scotland]

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend I met up with a good friend of mine. We talked a bit about everything per usual, but we hit particularly on the idea of doing things we love to do as individuals – the things that give us outlets from our daily lives. Mostly the things that make us alive. When you’re in school, or have a flexible schedule you can move around your responsibilities and work on your own projects much more freely than we realize.

When you’re required to work full time, or enough jobs to make full time look like a cake walk, all of your mental energy gets poured into what you do. And often, you have to tap into it on a set schedule. Especially initially, when you’re confronting your subconscious to the fact that your time, your cognitive skills are no longer solely your own to do with as you please. Your time is owned. It isn’t the worst thing, especially as my job is great.

It just takes time to adjust.

I don’t think I have. Since March, for nine months, I’ve been trying to write, draw, photograph, anything. I dance, a lot for someone with a full time job, and it’s lovely, wonderful and often the only thing that makes sense… but I don’t get to create beyond the classroom much. My artistic expression doesn’t make it much further than the people around me. And when it does, I haven’t made the mental energy to share it. Which is why this blog has been a little radio silent lately.

But I do have some exiting things to share from the past few months. I’m working on putting together those posts before the end of the year. I’m also working on my yearly photo book, which is a little late this year. And then, maybe by 2013, I’ll be caught up and we can get back to documenting this adventure properly. Because really, things like dancing with a professional ballet company (for one show only, but still) are happening. And maybe, just maybe 2013 will be even more exciting than 2012 was.