writing (& posting), even if it isn’t ‘just right’

Last night I was going to dip my toe back into blogging & post a photo. It’s easier to post something already created than to sit down and create something to post. That’s why things like tumblr are so popular. Hey look! Content, I like it. I identify. *reblog* look now it’s on my blog. But coming up on year 5 of having a public facing blog I’m really realizing what it means when people say blogging is hard, when they say writing all the time is hard.

Maybe I need to stop worrying that I’ll say the exact right things. And maybe just say enough rightish things to spark an idea, or a conversation. I just sat down and explained to my CEO why the We Are the Media poster I have in my office has Amanda Palmer’s initials emblazoned on a merkin. Staring down the head of your company and explaining how the song represents a cry for individual freedoms free from media pressure and how, even though the media doesn’t know what we do, the perceived pressure is there. It’s liberating to be able to sit down and explain a philosophy, articulate what you mean to say, even if the words you use aren’t the most polished perfect fit.

Finding the things worth saying is like taking photographs. You need a thousand to find one great one.

  • http://gravatar.com/adecembergirl adecembergirl

    I like your last line…. kind of a “kiss alot of frogs” approach to writing…

  • jacqueline

    sometimes the path to finding the right word is more exciting than finally landing on the right word.

  • http://tanyas13sonnets.wordpress.com tanyas13sonnets

    it is always beautiful to find the right image or set of words to express oneself fully and to be able to have others understand. <3