Counting Down to the Big Trip : Australia Edition

My trip is in 8 days.

I’m off for 5 weeks by myself (mostly) in Australia, which I’ve never visited, and I think I was less nervous/anxious when I moved to France (or England). But when I left for Europe, both times, I wasn’t putting part of my life on pause, I was moving forward and through. Here, with this, I’m setting certain opportunities aside for a month only to have to find my way back in to the routine when I return. I think I’ve come to terms with this, because in doing so, I know I have a month of completely new experiences in front of me.

Scotland didn’t feel like this. Things in my life were still shifting and sliding and it hadn’t really gained momentum yet. Right now I feel I’m in the middle of something (maybe something big), that I’ve got to keep driving forward if I want to make things happen. It all feels ill-timed, but you can’t plan for things like this. Life things. But I’m still beyond excited to get to go and make this happen, even though I think I under budgeted. Australia is deceptively expensive and month long trips cost a lot more than 2 week trips.

I’m probably going to be so busy over the next six weeks I’m barely going to notice that I’m missing out back home. While I’m gone I’ll have to work, so I decided to throw in a few other activities to keep up with my normal schedule (ballet & aerial yoga – my new obsession, I’ll write about it soon). I’m also going to be focusing on my photography and writing. Then of course traveling! I think all of these things will fit together well. And it will keep me busy of course, which will be good, because I’m a bit nervous about traveling alone.

I’m not worried about my travel plans, or safety, or things like that. I’m an introvert, though I have my moments of extroversion, and had to explain to someone the other day that I really wasn’t an extrovert, just a very engaged introvert. I’m not sure how this whole traveling by myself, without some sort of enforced camaraderie (overnight tours), will go. And knowing me, I’ll be a lot less worried about all this once I land and march off with purpose because I know how to do this travel thing. I forget that when I’m not doing it.

That all said. My trip is in 8 days, and up until the moment it starts I’m still going to be questioning my sanity on this decision.


(after writing I ran across this article which states : “Travel forces you to use skills that remain dormant and boosts your confidence. If you stop pushing yourself to try new things, eventually your world and confidence shrink.” thanks world, I needed that.)