Sunset Bay

I’ve been camping all over Oregon from the coast to the Cascades – okay, maybe not all over eastern Oregon is no mans land and southern Oregon, is for me, yet unexplored territory (except Crater Lake). Last weekend was the first time I went south on the Oregon coast though. I got a few new lenses a while back, that I haven’t played with nearly as much as I’d like and we were off to a place called Sunset Bay. My camera was the first thing I packed.


hello there, gorgeous.


and, to date, this is my favorite photograph I’ve taken.


i love the oregon coast

and sitting on the edge of cliffs (which consequently scares my aunt who took this picture)

Getting outside, out of the cities, out of cell phone range, away from work, and just interacting with the things that are right in front of us; focusing on one or two things, instead of the sixteen we look at in any one moment during our day, was incredibly refreshing. Plus, there’s nothing quite like looking out over the Pacific Ocean. In just a few days I’ll be off to see it from the other side for the first time, let’s hope the water is a little warmer on the other side.

More photos of Sunset Bay here.